MY WORKOUT PLAN (beginners)

Remeber: you can allways go out for a run (its a very good full body workout)

I have been doing this for 5 days, and it felt amazing, even doe it was really hard to start :/

Yeah, i know, i havent been posting in a while, and its basically because, Im kinda stressed and dont want to thinl about anything. I’ve been lazy this easter holiday and I just wanted to chill. So I decided to take things easy, deal with my s*t, and then I can do other things 🙂 things I love. Sooo, see ya anytime 😉

(There will be coming much more exciting posts.. stay tuned:)


2 thoughts on “MY WORKOUT PLAN (beginners)

  1. Well, I failed many times and then decided to just relax. No pressure. Dont get angry when you skip. Dont think “okay, tomorrow Im going to start with that or do this” it doesnt work for me doe. You have to start slowly. When somone ask you to go out, say yes.

    I asked my mom to go out for a walk a cuple of times weekly. So we did. Now I go to the mountain with her very often ( I dont allways follow the plan) so I would say that my mom motivated me 🙂 a tip: just ask a someone and then end up doing it alone when ur used to it. (If u want to) + take chances. When you feel like going out. Always do it. Sooner or later, youll get used to it and u will be kinda addicted to do something all the time. It takes time. No pressure 🙂


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