Hey World!

Another new blogger in this “beautiful” world. A world full of hate and love.

I`m a 16 years old girl who wonders a lot. My Thoughts are mostly based on philosophy. I guess I`m a Cerious person when it comes to “life”

Sticking my nose into things that not everyone cant explain, has been something I`ve done since I was a child. But to say it short: science is interesting specially the wondering part.

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Why Blogging?

I used to blog when I was 12. I was interested inn clothes (not really fashion trends), making videos about everything and reading. The whole idea was to just to create something. I loved being creative and I got the blog inspiration from two Norwegian bloggers I used to read; Shophie Elise & Sisteplass (Sarah Suruland) They were my favorites.

Sophie was the fashion, beauty girl, who also used to question a lot. But Sarah`s blog was based on comedy and confidence. And they both shared the same moral, doing what you want.

And why them? Well, They reminded me of myself. They did the things I wanted to do, talked about things I wanted to talk about with people, had a personality that my inner self had and the best; They both wanted to enjoy life and be happy. Yeah, I get that life isn`t perfect. But making it worth it, is worth it. I`ve always felt like I havent expressed myself. My friends dont really know me.

In this blog, Im going to be posting basically everything I feel for. I could go from stories to DIY. Top 10s to fashion. Health and beauty. yeah.. everything.

+ if you have a blog, I would love to come and check it out! I really want to explore various of blogs. Comment anything and let me know.