New Start | health


I`ve been searching and searching guys and finally, now I`ve comen to a decision, or actually two suggestions.

Its is really important for me to change. If you feel like you want a fresh start and a new beginning, then go ahead. I will be documenting this with before and after picture. Please let me know if I`ts working 🙂 so..

Lets just jump right into it.


1. I am going to start with this (plan 1)

2. In may, I will stay with the same plan, but a little harder.

3. In june 15, I will start with this:  / make my own plan (Focusing on jogging and mountain)

4. After summer holiday, I will start going to the training center and do this: (maybe make a plan for myself or find a harder one, depending on my body standard)


Bilderesultat for workout


– This is a STRETCHING video, that will basically stretch your whole body. I think its important to me do that at least 3 times a week, because I am very stiff and I`ve always wanted to become more flexible.


– 30 days of YOGA will help you to become stronger and relax. This is probably the most important part for me, because my goal is to make my body feel great and strong. (If you`re done with that, go over to Revolution yoga challenge (30 days))


– I also want to build muscles. Its not that Important for me, but like, Why not? These are workouts that will give me FULL BODY WORKOUT. I also love the ideĂĄ to look fit and It would make me become more confident with my body that ever. Not that I need that, I just want to feel great. Doing both of them everyday is`nt a good idea. Each part of my body needs to heal for around 24h. Thats why I`m going to trade.


  • Rest

-Resting is very important. I am a beginner so that`s why I have to relax. If I take it too hard, that will make me less motivated for all this.

  • Food 

– If you want to lose weight and build muscles then, u need to eat healthy. Nothing will happen if you keep eating junk food, like me lol. So I need a plan for that too, because I don´t know anything about healthy food. (I will come with a plan later)

Bilderesultat for workout



– I`m going to start with this one in may (after my current plan .1)

This plan is amazing! like for real. It tells you everything you need to know an how to do it. Take your time and read all of it. Trust me, I learned a lot! .)

(need training center)


– This one is a normal exercise plan for beginner. Its easy to follow.

– I also recommend this one too (read it please, and it will help you to pull yourself together:


These are the plans I found, after 2 hours of searching. You may say “it looks too easy” Noooo. Just do it. You have to start from the bottom and then build it up. 

Next post about health (coming tonight)

  • Full plan about “plan .1”
  • Healthy food tips + my food plan 


– I hope you liked this post and I`ll see what I figure out for tonight’s post 😉





Just Another Regular Day

As you can see on the title, my life is not that exciting..That`s why I`m writing a upcoming post about, why Its important for me to not just come home from school everyday and doing nothing. By nothing I mean “make food, sleep, homework, web and sleep” (workout will be there soon) In the weekend I usually just watch series or game. I`m barely out hanging with my friends, but that`s another topic (I will write about soon;)


Anyways…Today I decided to finally make waffles, because…I need to start doing things by myself. I usually ask my sisters or my mom to make them, while I`m lazy all the time. hehe…They are so nice to me when it comes to food, because I cant cook. I take that as a positive thing even doe it is a negative.

After making some 10 waffles and decided to share for once haha, I gamed almost the rest of the day actually (yepp, I`m a gamer. Let me know if you are too 😉

Well, right now I cant decide whether to watch PewDiePie or Game Of Thrones before I go to bed. I guess it will be none, bc I`ve used so much time thinking

..Anyone having these kinds of problems all the time?

.. no one??

well, okay goodnight

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