Meaning Of Life | 1




Like, Imagine that in the end you`ll get to see through your whole life. All the bad and good things you`ve done, all the bad and good things people has done to you, your happy moments and sad moments, tough times and good times, goals you`ve failed and succeeded. Imagine getting a blueprint from God or whoever, a blueprint of who you was and are. Maybe you`ve changed trough life, maybe been the same. The final moment. Final thought that only matters. You get asked ” Who were you?” Just ask yourself that right now. I think many people would say “I don’t know” or resisting a bunch of things about yourself. It doesn`t matter if its mostly good or bad.  But the thing is doing what you want to do. Be happy. If you new you would die in 5 min right now, you would have turned crazy and suddenly think about after death, family, friends, things you`ve should have done and regrets. The things You should have done, why didn’t you do it? I guess you thought you had the time, but guess what? Life is kinda short. Like literally! But don’t rush.


Shure, it’s the big bang who created us. But who made that happen? Here comes a converted / complicated explanation. Now again, Who made that happen again? Another explanation that I have no idea if researchers know. Why? Again and again. Question behind answers, answers behind another question. I believe that there is always an answer. We don’t know it, but something does. And that something may be something you call “God” “Gods”  or  “a god” I believe in “a god” a god who has created everything that excist.  

Life isn’t just life.  I don’t think you can answer “why are we here?”, but “what`s the meaning of life?” I believe that we have the answer and it lays in every individual. They say “living it” But why? And what for? Well, you`ll find the answer in the things that makes you happy. I get that not everyone is happy. But if there is something you really want to do. Honey, no one is stopping you. You only need the guts and it free. Just because its not going well, doesn`t mean that you`ve failed. Failing is giving up. Yeah, you may ask; “What does a 16 years old know about life?” Well, I`ve been questioning it my whole life, and I know that if you really want something. You Can get it. But remember that what you want, isn`t always what you need. I may be only 16, but I`m just telling you everything I know right now. I`m still living my life. I still have a long way forward. There is so many things I want to do and I know I cant do all of it. Don’t rush.

Point of this

But anyway. We live in a universe full millions of galaxy, maybe we are the only one alive (I don`t like the idea) Are you willing to throw that all away?

Remember to do what makes you happy and respect other humans around you. If you don’t do that, you wont recive back. + If you don’t know what makes you happy, keep searching or ask yourself “what makes me stay here today?” We all need something to fight for. Just in case you encounter tough times.

Not everyone knows what wasting of life is, before its already turned wasted.

I woke up in a world full of hate, love, death, terror, happiness, jealousness, sadness and more. I didn`t get to choose what I wanted in life from the moment I woke up, but my parents gave me love and a start kick. Now I`m still falling and waiting for the day I land. Whether I land on my feet or knees, I`m always going to rise up and walk till the day I face Doomsday or my own death.

I`m gonna end this post by saying “thanks” to my parents

+ “remember to love yourself”

(I`m gonna be talking more about this thing called “life”)

(All words by me)