My Problems 2/2

I just moved here two years ago and the second year is going shit. Maybe that’s it? I`m not happy here + I need a friend. Maybe that’s why I`m so excited for High School, getting out of this Island I live in and get new friends. Well damn, welcome to Norway! A country full of teenagers with bad Psychal health + the country with me most one night stands btw. *claps slowly*

.. I`m not sure why I feel this way. I feel like I`m stressed without having any reasons to be stressed about. Its like over reacting my life, because I`m bored. I am soooo tired of the people around me here. When I meet new people I`m always happy and excited. (`m a very lovely girl btw.. and funny hah) I love getting new friends and I don’t have a best friend. Or I do have, but they don’t know that I don’t feel the same (this just made me feel worse lol.

That’s why I neeeed to do something about it.

I`m going to start a plan. I need good health and a fresh brain. I really need to clear my mind, because I think too much and I`m negative on myself. It’s a big problem for my daily life. I`m so tired of everything, I don’t want to do anything anymore.

I will inform you all of my plans in another post and I`m going to document this. Yeah I know. You may be thinking: “oh wow, Your making a big deal out of this” Well it is.

So. I`m going to start exercising and be healthy.

Just Another Regular Day

As you can see on the title, my life is not that exciting..That`s why I`m writing a upcoming post about, why Its important for me to not just come home from school everyday and doing nothing. By nothing I mean “make food, sleep, homework, web and sleep” (workout will be there soon) In the weekend I usually just watch series or game. I`m barely out hanging with my friends, but that`s another topic (I will write about soon;)


Anyways…Today I decided to finally make waffles, because…I need to start doing things by myself. I usually ask my sisters or my mom to make them, while I`m lazy all the time. hehe…They are so nice to me when it comes to food, because I cant cook. I take that as a positive thing even doe it is a negative.

After making some 10 waffles and decided to share for once haha, I gamed almost the rest of the day actually (yepp, I`m a gamer. Let me know if you are too 😉

Well, right now I cant decide whether to watch PewDiePie or Game Of Thrones before I go to bed. I guess it will be none, bc I`ve used so much time thinking

..Anyone having these kinds of problems all the time?

.. no one??

well, okay goodnight

Comment your favorite series or youtubers